Реклама на Slim LightBox в холлах метрополитена EN

Advertising on Slim LightBox in the subway halls

From 470* thousand soums per month

We place advertisements in light boxes in subway halls of Tashkent city. The format of advertisement is 120х165, 120х180, 180х120 and 122х244 cm. We make advertising layout, printing services. We carry out continuous monitoring of advertising.

* The cost is indicated without taking into account the manufacture, installation and dismantling of the adver

Advertising on Slim LightBox in the subway halls

Today, the Tashkent Subway is one of the most popular types of metropolitan transport, confidently leading in terms of passenger traffic. According to the traditional annual survey, daily average use of subway by the population of the capital is 200,000 - 250,000 people.

There are 9 stations at the disposal of advertisers where you can place information about your company, product or service with light boxes with LED backlight located in the former ticket halls, at the most passable metro station.

Modern light boxes are harmoniously combined with the architecture of the Tashkent Subway, and are located at the stations: Buyuk Ipak Yuli, Chilanzar, Beruni, Bunyodkor, Pakhtakor, Almazar, Mustakillik, and Chorsu. All advertising means are placed in high-patency points, and means that they will be noticed by almost all potential consumers.

Passenger traffic of the Tashkent Subway stations

Name of station Quantity per day
Buyuk Ipak Yuli 27 000
Aybek 8 500
Chorsu 21 000
Almazar 21 000
Chilanzar 24 000
Beruni 18 000
Friendship of Peoples 12 000
Mustakillik 6 000
Pakhtakor 20 000

An important feature of the Subway is that it is used by people of different ages and social statuses, so advertising in the Tashkent Subway allows you to cover a wide audience of potential customers. They are schoolchildren, students, middle-aged people with different incomes. Therefore, it is in the subway with the maximum likelihood that you will meet your potential client.

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