Реклама на задних бортах автобусов ISUZU в Бухаре

Advertisement on tail gates of Isuzu in Bukhara

from 495* thous.soums/month

We place advertisements on the tailgales of ISUZU buses in Bukhara city. The format of advertisement is 195x94 cm. We make advertising layout, printing services. We carry out continuous monitoring of advertising.

* The cost does not include the manufacture, mounting and dismantling of promotional material.

Advertisement on tail gates of Isuzu in Bukhara

* Discounts are valid depending on the date, terms and volumes of advertisement placement!

  • Maximum territorial coverage, availability to the consumer in different parts of the city.
  • Effective impact on traffic and pedestrian flows.
  • Does not annoy.
  • Located at eye level of consumers.
  • Integral perception of advertising (optimal area, good memorability).

Another advantage is high recognizability and memorability: the speed of public transport is quite low, advertising contact can last from 12 to 18 seconds. And during stops, the bus turns into a stationary advertising structure and advertising contact increases to 1-2 minutes. Memorability is also due to the convenient location of the advertising image - at the level of a person’s eyes.

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