Реклама в салонах автобусов Mercedes Benz Low Floor EN

Advertising in salons of Mercedes Benz Low Floor buses

From 80* thousand soums per month

We place advertisements in salons of Mercedes Benz Low Floor buses in Tashkent. We make advertising layout, printing services. We carry out continuous monitoring of advertising.

* The cost is indicated without taking into account the manufacture, installation and dismantling of the adver. material

Advertising in the salons of Mercedes Benz Low Floor buses

Advertising in the public transport (advertising in buses) is a unique way to address the advertising message to a broad target audience and has a certain social and financial status.

A unique opportunity to convey information exactly to your target audience! The routes cover as many directions as possible. Passenger traffic for 1 day in 1 unit of transport is more than 1000 people, and for the month this figure will be 30 000 people! Traffic jams are also our plus, that is, it allows advertising to work even longer.

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