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Information about the company

Advertising Agency “PASSTRANS MEDIA” expresses its respect to you and thanks you for your interest in the company. The name of our agency was chosen not by chance, since the main activity is advertising on passenger transport. Established on May 31, 2002, our company began active work on attracting advertisers to newly formed advertising spaces in Tashmetropoliten cars, thus, had the honor to cooperate with more than 160 different companies and organizations. Today, our agency provides almost the entire range of advertising services from the development of advertising ideas and their implementation using the necessary means of advertising, to the production of promotional products using modern technologies and quality materials.

Economic and social transformations in modern Uzbekistan provide an opportunity for the development of production and the provision of quality goods and services of mass consumption. Companies whose purpose is to make a profit, use a tool called advertising. Today, all efforts of our company are aimed at improving and developing all the existing links in the process of creating effective advertising.

With respect,
General Director Zafar Nabiyev