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Advertising on fixed-route taxis in Tashkent

From 450* thousand soums per month

We place advertisements on route taxi of Tashkent city. The format of advertisement is 320х100 cm, right and left side. We make advertising layout, printing services. We carry out continuous monitoring of advertising.

* The cost is indicated without taking into account the manufacture, installation and dismantling of the adver material

Advertising on fixed-route taxis in Tashkent

Placing advertisements on minibuses is an effective and inexpensive way to promote services and goods of daily demand on the market.

More than a million residents of Tashkent use this type of transport daily. According to sociologists, more than 89% of the able-bodied population of the capital and the suburbs are positive about such advertising and are inclined to trust it. Advertising on a fixed-route taxi looks natural.

Advantages of advertising on minibuses:

  • Maximum territorial coverage, availability to the consumer in different parts of the city;
  • Effective impact on transport and pedestrian flows;
  • Does not cause irritation;
  • Located at the eye level of consumers;
  • Holistic perception of advertising (compact advertising surface of the vehicle provides good memorability);
  • Does not require a lot of money.

Out-door advertising on a fixed-route taxi. Color image is placed on the side of the minibus, the advertised service or product attracts the attention of not only public transport passengers, but also car owners, pedestrians - everyone who lives nearby, works and purchases. This makes it possible to achieve recognition of the brand in the shortest possible time.

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